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Here you will find the types of modalities which could be invited in to a session



Energetic support

Reiki is a gentle hands on energetic healing modality. The practitioner has been trained and attuned to tap into the Universal Life Force energy and channel it through their hands to you client with targeted intention. 

A reiki treatment can be highly relaxing and oftentimes the client may experience subtle shifts or movements within the body. It is a great way to support stress reduction, release body tension, offer deep relaxation. Clients often experience a sense of calm, improved sleep, greater clarity, and a sense of ease following the treatments. 

This is a beautiful compliment to the other alternative approaches to supporting the healthy flow of energy within the body. 


Engaging with the healing wisdom of plants

Aroma Point Therapies, or APT, refers to a collection of works that combines the healing potency of essential oils with specific acupoints or body zones in order to catalyze profound shifts in the body, mind and spirit. It is a gentle, completely safe and yet exceptionally effective healing modality that engages the energetic potential hidden within  essential oils; the vehicles of the plant spirits and particular plant Medicine.

The practice itself involves placing key, properly diluted oils on specific acupoints, chakras or reflex zones on the body in order to activate energetic and physiological changes. These shifts are part of a cascade of events that unfold both in linear and non-linear realities, and they foster the establishment and "remembering" of dynamic equilibrium and authentic naturalness on all levels of being.

In pairing key essential oils with specific points and energy centers we're able to access the profound power generated in mutual resonance. The Medicine of resonance is crucial in these times of extraordinary complexity in our dysfunctions and disease states. It is also essential in building and co-creating empowerment pathways within health care.

Green Leaf
Sand Dune


Energetic balance within the body

Bowen Therapy is a holistic whole-body approach to healing used to support the body’s innate intelligence of it’s own healing abilities and processes. The small series of movements and rest times stimulate the body’s response system and the neuromuscular system to relax and reset the body’s areas of held tension. 

As Bowen is applied, it influences the body’s Autonomic Nervous System to move towards a state of balance. Moving our body from an overactive sympathetic response to a more harmonized and relaxed state, allowing the body to naturally restore itself.


Utilizing sound vibration to support our bodies physiology

Sound therapy in my practice is delivered primarily through the use of tuning forks. This can be done through a couple approaches. Typically they are held at the ears, held on certain points on the body, or combed through your energy field off the body. 

Disharmony can manifest in the body as stress, tight and sore muscles, and fatigue, which can create blockages to our Qi or natural energy flow. The sound waves created by Tuning Forks works like kinetic energy, moving tension from the body while restoring a sense of well-being and balance. Sound therapy uses tuning Forks to help move stagnation, regulate the Qi and blood, reduce inflammation and pain, and bring the body to homeostasis, where profound healing begins. Our body is able to use it's innate intelligence to assimilate the healing support of sound vibrations. 

Air Pressure


Tapping into the power of breath techniques

Breathwork is a simple and often times immediate way to support ourselves on the level of the physical body, mind and spirit. 

On a physical lever, by breathing deeply and intentionally, you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, and in turn, slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure—creating a feeling of calm. When you are operating within the “fight-or-flight” response or stress, your body releases a surge of hormones (such as cortisol and adrenaline) that causes your breathing to speed up, increases your pulse and blood pressure, and puts you in a state of hypervigilance. Deep breathing can help reverse this response and relax your body.

On a mind level, breathing can help you access deeper mind states that can help you access buried emotions, traumas amongst many other holds, which help bring light to them which helps begin releasing the hold they have on the way you subconsciously or consciously operate in the world. It is a quick and easy practice to help bring calm and focus to your mind. 

On a soul level, breath techniques can be utilized to help you move beyond your body and mind to connect with your core spirit - your true self. It helps you move past the ego identification to allow a stronger connection to your true self and the universe. This can be a practice that provides space to experience spiritual awakenings or attunement to your inner being.  


Engaging with the healing wisdom of plants

Bach flower remedies provide an additional holistic approach to support emotional energetics within the body. This approach is similar to homeopathy but provides us with 38 different plant concentrates focused on tending to the unique vibrations of certain emotions held and experienced within the body. 

Through thoughtful inquiry, I am able to create a customized blend for you  to take home. Each bottle serves you for one month if taken on the suggested schedule. 

This service can be added on to your visit for an additional $30. 

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