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|| ABOUT ME ||

Energetic Alignment Guide

I believe there are subtle energy fields that emanate around and through all living things. These fields are filled with information and wisdom unique to each person. I also believe in the intertwined intimate relationship of the mind, physical and energetic body. In order to fully support them, we must focus on the importance of caring and tending to our emotional selves so that we can best support our physical, mental and energetic bodies. Through the practices of somatic energy healing techniques, embodiment coaching and intuitive empowerment guiding, I help my clients identify and return to their own innate power where much freedom and healing can be achieved.   

Through many years of personal inner exploration, and experiences paired with my training in a range of modalities,  I work with different approaches to help move my clients towards greater alignment. I help guide clients into mindful embodiment. Working towards becoming more in touch with how to notice and work through blocks that are holding them back from a more intimate relationship with their true selves and full potential. 

With my intuitive energy medicine gifts, I can listen and sense into people’s stories, their bodies and energetic fields to learn where support can be focued, while creating a safe space to help guide the client towards opening and encouraging a pursuit of alignment with their souls deepest longings and truths. With that awareness, I can facilitate a shift in the energy field itself.

Most people experience an overall increased sense of well-being, which manifests in many ways, such as an expansion of conscious awareness, a shift in relationship to self-defeating patterns, a more regular sense of calm, providing a shift in perspective that support a sense of freedom and empowerment.

I believe you are your most powerful healer! It is an honor to be invited in on that journey alongside my clients.  

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